Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Party: The Two Dwarves, Voden and Ragnar

Dwarves in Alia are... a little different.

They hate giants because the giants invaded their mountain kingdom, Krondhiem, in YK1339. The war decimated the dwarven population and led to the dwarven Eugenics program. Dwarves now send all their young men off to a life of adventure and battle against the giants. The ones who live and have proven themselves as great heroes and giant slayers (only a few do) go on to be named Thane, which gives them the right to settle down, marry as many Dwarf women as will have them and an have lots of super-dwarf offspring. dwarven females, live a sequestered life managing and defending their home and raising the many children they bear of the Thanes. A typical Thanehold has a single, Thane more than a dozen women and several dozen children.

Voden and Ragnar (Ghesh's old character is the player of Ragner) are two brothers from the same family, from the same mother. They are very close to each other but do not fit in well with the rest of their family.

Voden is a History and Arcana focused Warlock, who has made a pact with an Infernal being called Halictes. He's very interested in dwarven history, and is motivated to discover old giant-conquered dwarven ruins and discover as much about Dwarf history, tradition and lost knowledge. Ragnar is a hammer and axe using, two-weapon-fighting, dwarven ranger. He mostly follows his brother Voden's lead, and the pair of them make a good team in killing their enemies.

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