Monday, August 4, 2008

The Party: The Non-Dwarves

Minos the Minotaur Fighter has been a slave of the Empire of Rhodes for as long as he can remember. His mythical name was given to him by his human slave masters and has long been used to promote his gladiatorial fierceness.

Minos has always lain uneasily under the Empire's yoke despite his favored status as a gladiatorial champion. He has made several escape attempts over his life, the latest seeing him recaptured in the far outpost of Tidemarch where he was set free by the party. He has joined his rescuers and is relishing the glory of the adventuring life.

Aeldric is a Human Warlord who recently was instrumental in fighting off a Goblin raid on his village north of Prauld. During his heroics he took command of the villages defenders, outshining the village's leader and commander and thereby saving the village and embarrasing the leader. After the victory celebration, he was informed in no uncertain terms that he would be welcome to depart from his village to pursue his heroics elsewhere. Taking this as an opportunity, Aeldric headed toward Shinar to join in the hunt for the Crown.

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