Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I just read Power Up Your Campaign With A Wiki and was intrigued by the campaign centric wiki that was mentioned Obsidian Portal. It looks pretty cool and maybe it'll get my maps to display.

I started using RPGNet's wiki for Alia because I wanted a publicly accessible common resource for my campaign. I wanted to allow other DMs that I played with to be able to work in a common campaign framework with a shared history. I wanted the players that were interested to be able to look up the history and geography of my setting to help flesh out the experience.

As I've said before, it's had middling success, mostly as a player resource. The content has been largely written by just me, and I don't always keep it up to date. But I'm fine with that, because it's always there ready for me to update when I have time and internet access.

I really should be adding NPC and location information after each game session to flesh out the game world as the game develops.

Anyway, I think that Obsidian Portal deserves a closer look. If if looks feasible, I shall consider moving my files from RPGNet wiki to Obsidian Portal. We shall see.

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