Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Campaign Map Software

Once upon a time, I drew a big map of Alia with Dundjinni. I put a lot of time into it, and I liked it.

Then I lost the original source files. I still have the jpg's that were produced. And I still have a hard drive that probably has the original data on it, so I might be able to recover it.

I was thinking about how much effort I put into drawing that map of Alia, and while I enjoyed the time I spent on it, I'm not sure the amount of control over detail that Dundjinni provides is really required for a overland campaign map.

I do like to have nice maps though, so I was looking around to see if I couldn't find something a little easier for country sized hex maps.

The first tool I came across was Hexmapper and with it I quickly produced this:

Not bad for about 10 minutes work. It's old, but it's simple and clean. I like it. It may be worth while to do a bit of a zoom in on Prolia, and possibly expand the size and scope of the map to the entire known world of Alia.

I'm hoping to take a look at Autorealm at some point as well. I also took a brief look at Dungeon Crafter 3. While doesn't look like I'd want to use it for a map like this, it might be useful for buildings and dungeons.

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